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Bereavement counselling or psychotherapy can be very effective at helping people to cope when they have lost someone close. We will all experience grief and loss at some point in our lives and sadly many are not prepared for the intense wave of emotions that crash over them.

Grieving is in fact a very healthy reaction to death or loss as it is our way of processing change. Yet this healthy process can sometimes become unhealthy if it has an extended, longer-term effect on our lives. It can start to define us and we find ourselves at the mercy of our pain and anguish daily. Extended periods of grief can be damaging to us and others in our lives. We may feel like life is too much to handle. We may feel angry at the world or perhaps we can’t return to life’s routine because it’s feels too hard. So, what then? This is where I can help.

Bereavement counselling or psychotherapy is for people who feel that their loss is over-whelming or that it’s adversely affecting their lives. During the therapy process, you can learn to deal with your grief healthily, explore your emotions and work towards adjusting to the changes that life has thrown at you. We live in a society which demands so much of us and it is very common for people to find themselves in need of extra support. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you would like to explore bereavement counselling or psychotherapy further I would encourage you to take the first step and get in touch.

bereavement counselling

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